Mauri has undergone major international festivals since 1997, of which we highlight Sonar (ES), Festimad (ES), Armageddon (FR), Batofar (FR), Lem (ES), Espárrago Festival (ES),  Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón (ES), Phonotica (ES), Ex abrupto (ES), Phonosphere (ES), Freestyle (ES), Jay Alai (ES), among others. He has also played in various clubs and discotheques in Spain and beyond (Club DV1 -Lyon/FR, Etxekalte Club -San Sebastián-, Akelarre -Barcelona-, Trolley Bus -Marsella/FR-, KGB -Barcelona-, Lanna Club -Gijón-, Garatge 442 – Barcelona-, Slow Club -Barcelona-, Toque BCN,  Fat Club -Gijón-, Xiz -Gijón-, Lovejoy Club -Gijón-, Ovuca -Alicante-, Nocturna -Barcelona-, Rock Star -Bilbao-, Sa Sínia – Menorca-, Lo Fi -Gijón-, Baby’s -Mieres-, Damm -Gijón-, Bal du Vamp -Badalona-, Octopussy -Barcelona-, Magia Roja -Barcelona-, etc), as well as performances at major events and very prestigious Art Galleries as ADN Gallery (Barcelona), Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), La Laboral (Gijon), Fair -Sonimag- Sound and Image (Barcelona),  45th International Gijón International Film Festival, Salle Jas Rod (Les Pennes Mirabeau- FR), Arenas Movedizas (Gijón)…
Mauri has djing for  the european tour of Das Ich, and the concerts of Dive and Monolith, Terrence fixmer and Mc Carthy, Sonar, Electric Indigo, Miss Le Bomb, etc.
Dj Mauri collaborated with the artist called Projekto Hombre, and also with Pablo Herrera for the production of electro and techno style, for clubs.
“Dj Mauri vs. Projekto Hombre” had released 2 Ep’s on UMF Records (France), and they played at Club DV1 (Lyon/france).
-“Dj Mauri vs. Projekto Hombre” records,  were played by international djs like Laurent Garnier, Miss Kittin, The Youngsters, Michael Mayer or The Hacker, etc…
 –“Dj Mauri & Pablo Herrera” has a track on EP at Poursound recs (Germany)
Remixer for techno and electro artists like Synthnat , Principia Audiomatica, Des Ames Libres…
You can hear the music of dj Mauri at youtube channel: Xpeism

Sesión 2005 para RNE Radio 3:

Electro-funk session by Dj Mauri en Fat Club (2009)

Sesion electro hip hop 80’s