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you can hear some part of the discography : https://mauridj.bandcamp.com/

Dj, producer and creator of performative acts from Barcelona (Spain). He worked in the music press and set about organizing events related to electronic music, such as organizator of musical events or concerts …
Collaboration with other musicians and visual artists with Arturo Lanz (Esplendor Geométrico), Shorai, Albert Giménez, (Neuronium), T.I.K., Groof, H.I.V+, Projekto Hombre, D-Forma, Babylone Chaos, Proyecto Mirage, Pangea, Contagious Orgasm, Fiumfoto, Geistform, Vera (Black Egg), Zöe Valls, Des Ames Libres, Escupemetralla, Kressy, Anti$tailo, Alqa, Fran Del Amo, Victor Haze, Thr3hold, Vasarart…
Albums and Ep’s:
– Albert Gimenez y Dj Mauri- Pont du Tolbiac (autoproducido) 1999
– Dj Mauri vs. Projekto Hombre – Cosmobolita (12”) UMF Records /FR. 2002.
– Mauri – Breathless (cd).  Kubernoise Records/FR. 2003.
– Dj Mauri vs. Projekto Hombre – Urbanization EP (12”) UMF Records/FR. 2005
– Mauri- Rockin’ Beats EP. Technoise Records/ES. 2006.
– Unforeseen Heights – Naught (cd/mp3). Enough Records/PT. 2007.
– Mauri – Audiovisual Memory (Dvd/mp3) Audiovisual Theorem/ES. 2007.
– Fluxus –  Mental Illnes (cd). Unknown Pleasures+Opn Records/FR. 2014.
– Mauri – Time plays with me (mp3). Little rascal records/AUS. 2014.
– Mauri – Sweep Generators (cd). Kvitnu Records/UKR.  2015.
– Mauri – PulsOPtic (cassette). Detroit Underground Records/EEUU. 2015.
– Last Redoubt- Requirements (EP/mp3). Unknown Pleasures Records/FR. 2017.
– Fluxus- Art of war (cd). Unknown Pleasures Records/FR. 2017.
– Mauri- Cyborgs (cd). Novak Records/ES. 2017.
– Kinstelman- Black Planet (mp3). Novak Records. ES. 2020.
– Mauri – Enganys (wav). Polygon Network, ES. 2022
Recopilatorios creados por Mauri:
– Sonar a la Carta (Sonar Festival). Electro 90’s. Transdata (Dj Mauri & T.I.K.). ‘Electro sessions’. 1998. (Spain).
– Impromeetin’ 2010. Various artists. Mp3. 2010 Surrism-Phonoetics (Germany). https://freemusicarchive.org/search/?quicksearch=impromeeting
– Impromeetin’ 2011. Various Artists. Mp3. 2011. Enough Records (Portugal).
– H.I.V+ – “Abstract & Harsh Ironworks” (cd, album, Ltd). ‘Intelligence & sacrifice’. Divine    Comedy Recds 2001.
–  H.I.V+ – “Trees On Oscillation” (LP). ‘Armageddon (Mauri X-Tat Cleaner remix)’. Divine Comedy recds. 2001
– H.I.V+ – “Triton Compilation III” (2 CD).  ‘Intelligence & sacrifice’. Triton recds 2002.
– H.I.V+- “Censored Frequencies/Other Mystic Territories” (2 Cd, albun, Ltd, Dig). ‘Deep Expansion (featuring Mauri)’. Divine Comedy Recds 2002.
– H.I.V+ – “Hypnoise Movement & Harsh Ironworks” (Cdr). ‘Hypnotic Attack (featuring Mauri)’. Nein Recds 2003.
– BABYLONE CHAOS- “Univers Carceral” (2 CD). AYP:2X2L (Chaotic remix by Mauri). Divine Comedy Recds. 2005.
– SYNTHNAT- Silver Rosa EP. ‘Silver Rosa (Dj Mauri remix)’. LGM Label. LGM 013 on Beatport, 2009.
– PRINCIPIA AUDIOMATICA- ‘Atom (Dj Mauri remix)’. Unknown Pleasures Records. 2017.
– DES AMES LIBRES- ‘Animal’ (Mauri remix). Nordhaussen Schallplaten. 2018.
ESCUPEMETRALLAGuimétrico Slicer. Novak records 2019.
versión de la banda DEATH IN JUNE. Honoris DI6- Mauri feat SelfiShadows. The calling MKII. Unknown Pleasures Records 2020.
– “Trees On Oscillation Vol. 2” (Cd). Black-out.  Divine Comedy Recds. 2001.
– “Armageddon’s Report” (Cd). Delirium Process. Divine Comedy Recds. 2003.
– “Empire Of Chaos” (Cd). Deep Expansion (Live vs H.I.V+). Kubernoise 2003.
– “Das Bunker: Fear Of A Distorted Planet” (2 Cd). Distorted Reality (Geistform remix). Das Bunker Recds 2006.
– “Die Maschine/Der Einbruck/Don’t Touch This”.(12”) Don’t touch this. PourSound Recds 2006.
– “Hijos De Puta Peligrosos” (Mp3). Linfa / Wake up/ Sysex. Technoise Recds 2006.
– “Electronic Manifesto” (2 Cd). Critical Day (featuring Victor Haze). Caustic Recds 2007.
– “Trax Magazine”. Cyriax. 2007.
– BroadcASTing Art_ Mapeando el paisaje sonoro Asturias (CD). ‘Cuatro pates tien el horrio’. 2009 (Spain)
– Various artists – “Asturies” (Mp3). ‘Dither (live at Laboral 2008)’. Miga36, 2009 (Spain)
– Various artists- “Electronic Aid to Haïti” (2X CD). “Sont prenom est…(part II)”. Sigsaly Transmission Records. 2010 (Texas, EEUU).
– Various artists- Go Mag -compilation cd-(CD). ‘Gestrom (Mr. Elijah mix)’. 2010 (Spain).
– Various artists- Elektrodomésticos 2. 3 X 12”. 3X CD. ‘Realidad Virtual’.  Fundamental Records 2010 (Spain).
– Various Artists- Elektrodomésticos 3. 3 X CD. ‘Automatique (feat. Misstake and Anti$tailo). Fundamental records 2011 (Spain).
– Electro for Japan. Various artists. Mp3. Warm leatherette (HIV+ cover). 2011. Discogs.
– Various Artists- 5 años de Casiminifest vol. 2 – “Intro live Casiminifest”. 2015 Bandcamp.
– Various Artists: A Novak Produkt. Cd-r. “Center Warped (version 2). 2015 Bandcamp.
– Various Artists: La Edad de Plomo. Cd-r. “Arrustregui”.  Novak records 2017 (Spain) cd-r.
– Various Artists: A Novak Product 4 “The future is now”.Cd-r. Last Redoubt:  “Destitute”,”Drums in your head”,”Requirements”. Novak records, 2018 (Spain).
– Various artists: Barzelona Elektronika XXX Compilation. Dj Mauri-“I can’t stop”. Dj Mauri vs. Projekto Hombre “Siberian Nights”. The Dance Hut Recs, 2019. Itunes, Amazon,Beatport, Spotify, Traxsource. (2019)
– Various artists “El otro lado (Novak 2015-2021)”. cd. Mauri – ‘confinamiento ‘ (2021).
– Various artists “El Baile Condal” (mp3). Mauri- ‘Green errors’. (2021).
– Various artists “Ibex808” (mp3). Kinstelman – Vapa. Electroclub Recordings (2022).
– Various artists “Ibex808 vol2” (mp3). Kinstelman – Approaching . Electroclub Recordings (2022).
– Various artists “Decade: 10 yeras of UPR” (bandcamp UPR). Mauri – El desti (fake edit), Fluxus- Alzheimer (RemixV2 by Shorai), Mauri & Victor Haze- Ti , ki izzivas (Laibach cover). (2023)